Why Do I Need Wisdom?

October 14, 2016 Oliver Briny No comments exist

knowledge and wisdom

I love science.


It’s based on calculative observation. Logic is a necessary part of the process because of its transparent nature: it is tested through conversation, application and time. Yet, according to science alone, life has no purpose apart from passing on our genetic information. When studying happiness however, we find that it comes from a life lived with purpose. I’m proposing that the purpose of life always has to do with others: a fulfilling life is one that is bigger than oneself.


So why do we need wisdom?


A wise man or woman understands that all of life is connected. He is aware of the cause-and-effect relationship between what he chooses today and what he experiences tomorrow, what he chooses during one season of life and what he experiences in a future season - for better or worse. Wisdom, in many situations, is more appreciated than any other material gift. It has the power to drastically change a life.


Knowledge and wisdom are two distinct entities but they bear a similarity in that where knowledge should be interwoven with logic, so should wisdom be. Wisdom, by definition, has to do with soundness of actions and decisions; if your experience of wisdom has to do with weird abstract or even contradicting phrases or sayings, remember that taught wisdom should be logical and insightful - it should make sense!


We live in a world of rapid technological advancement. Today, we have access to more knowledge than ever before. In order to embrace new knowledge and navigate a life constructed of countless decisions (or lack thereof), wisdom is an indispensable compass.


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