The Root Of The Flow

December 17, 2016 Oliver Briny No comments exist

Find the root of your flow - it'll keep you going when the ride gets hard.

I have a friend who wanted to become a lawyer for as long as he could remember. He moved countries to pursue a degree in law and went through many ordeals including a culture shock, establishing a good living environment and leaving his relatives - all in order to pursue his dream.
When he finally got accepted in law school and began his studies, he found himself in a struggle. The environment he was in was demotivating: he had difficulties with navigating the culture and finding community. The figurative cost of his dream seemed too grave. But there was also a deeper issue. The weight of everything external and the difficulty of staying disciplined was outweighing the internal desire to accomplish the goals he’d set.
The majority of success is established through a healthy, efficient focus point; a focus on self and personal gain can only get you so far. When we start thinking beyond the small bubbles we habitually create around ourselves, we start to be on the right track. This is why it is necessary to have an internal desire - a fueling factor - that keeps you moving regardless of the external pressures of life.
At the core of internal strength is an internal desire that outweighs external pressures. A pursuit has to be coupled with purpose, and I’m suggesting that a purpose that’s bigger than yourself is by far the most superior motivator.
What is the root of your flow? Is it to help the needy, to give freedom to people who are captive or to feed the hungry? To make this concept more approachable, we have to understand that not everyone has to have an innate desire that’s targeted towards the extremities of life, such as people in depravity or victims of crime, and that’s completely alright!
The root of your flow can just as well be a desire to teach people dynamically with a fresh approach in a field you’re passionate about, raising and equipping the new generation through parenting, or exploring the complex beauty of the world through studying different scientific fields.
In the end, my advice to my friend was the same I’d like to offer you and though it’s simple, there’s a difference between simplicity and difficulty. Whatever it is you want to do practically, find your deeper focus point - the purpose behind what you’re doing. What is it that makes you passionate about your pursuit - what is the purpose of it? Then, connect that deeper purpose to any outworking you choose to embark on. Keep reminding yourself daily, consistently deciding to come back to your purpose, and you’ll be well on your way to tapping into the strength that’s at the root of your flow. 
What do you want to accomplish and why? The idea is simple, yet the answers can be difficult to find. Don’t run away from these questions though, as they are at the core of finding the root of your flow - the power that keeps you on track when the ride gets tough.
Answer these questions, and you'll be on your way towards a life full of meaning and purpose.

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