What Fuels You?

October 14, 2016 Oliver Briny No comments exist

Be sure to find what fuels you. Quality fuel equals function on a higher level!

When operating a well functioning car with a clear direction in mind, one of the first action steps is to make sure the car has enough fuel to reach its destination. In order to keep your car going, you have to know exactly what fuels it! In the same way we have many wants that we - sometimes desperately - want, but aren’t quite sure why we want them. The truth is that without a meaningful reason behind our wants, we lack the substance that fuels us.
What we want is the direction we’ve decided upon and why we want it is the fuel, or in other words, what keeps us going. Sadly, we’ll never be able to reach our destination without quality fuel. This is the reason we often keep hearing about the ‘why behind the what’: the ‘why’ is essentially what powers the ‘what’. The ‘why’ behind our doing is the fueling factor: without it, the engines are not moving!
By nature, we want to be associated with success. It’s an innate desire for us to feel celebrated and we go to great lengths to attain other people’s admiration. This poses a problem as our lives and goals soon start revolving around comparison which, in turn, causes all kinds of negative emotions that slow us down. 
When you realize that your gifting is valuable to the world - beyond just your own self - your purpose becomes external and outward. It doesn’t just extend within the borders of your life, but it goes far beyond! This realization then shifts the focus away from you, and frees you from the comparison game you used to play in order to measure your worth. You’re no longer fueled by selfish gain, but want to build something greater than yourself. 
The security of your identity, then, draws its power from what fuels you, because what fuels you has to do with your purpose. Purpose is basically what you would call the reason for your existence.
Purposes are many - what is the purpose that fuels you?

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